byf & blacklist

dont friend me if you:

  • are lgbtphobic, ableist, racist, fatphobic, etc
  • are a terf/twerf/swerf
  • are anti-otherkin/fictionkin
  • think you can have a system without trauma
  • are kin with j*ff the k*ller
  • notes:

  • i have autism & social stuff is strange for me if i say/do anything weird please tell me !!
  • dont vague me or namedrop me . if i do something bad please talk to me in pms !!
  • i have bad memory/memory lapses so sorry if i forget stuff a lot !
  • if youre from q theres a high chance i wont friend you , im sorry


  • j*ff the k*ller (censor, tag as jtk pls)
  • m*ggots (censor pls)
  • eye gore/eye horror
  • sudden yelling/screaming, jumpscares, etc
  • unreality (esp. abt time)
  • abuse/rape/etc
  • suicide & self harm
  • eating disorder/body img
  • broken glass
  • crying cat